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Agents of Secret Stuff

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How to Survive on an Island by Yourself After Plane Crash

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In order to survive being stranded on an island by yourself, you need to be able to improvise & do things you normally wouldn’t have to do in your normal life–like taking cold showers & skipping coffee.

There are several things you must have in order to live by yourself on an island after an airplane crash by yourself.

1. Water

You cannot live for 2 hours without water!

2. Food

There is no McDonalds on an island by yourself. You will have to produce your own food by hunting/fishing or harvesting or stealing.

3. Shelter & Clothing

You will need to build adequate shelter & come up with some kind of convincing costume for protection & to make sure you look smart.

4. Toilet

This is the 21st century. Even on an island nowadays you can’t get away with doing your business in random non-designated places.

5. Fire

You will need to learn how to build a fire without the use of a oxyacetylene torch. We will teach you how to use an ordinary lighter such as a Zippo to build a fire big enough to burn the whole jungle down!

6. Protection

On an island, after plane crash, it is inevitable that you will encounter at least 1 kind of wild beast. If you watch movies, you will see that there is always at least one untamed beast trying to kill the main character. But do not be alarmed, the beast never kills the main guy, or his girl… only the actors with supporting roles like Steve Buschemi.

7. Amusement

You will eventually become a good fisherman like Tom Hanks in Cast Away BUT… there is a possibility you might get bored on an island by yourself. You will need something fun to keep you entertained.

8. Company

Everyone needs a companion… & not every plane crash produces a Wilson Volleyball. We will teach you how to solve this problem.


Water is very vital to your staying alive. You will probably need to find water as soon as you reach the island. Sea water will make you sick so don’t drink it.

Roughly 60% of your body is made out of water, that’s is why freeze-drying your dead carcase makes your weight drop down to one-third, but it is not recommended as an alternative means of dieting.


Here are some fun & easy ways to make your own potable water.

Well, stay tuned for next week! We will go on to the topic of food!

Janeway vs. Tuvok

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What Happened To Us

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In-Laws are of The Devil

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If you don’t grasp what I’m saying, watch Meet the Parents, & you’ll get half an idea of what I’m talking about.


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Actually, there was, really, no autumn this year. There was an extended summer & then instant freeze-over. I saw frost the other day.


Usually cold weather calls for spicy foods & this curry was given to me after a failed attempt by someone to eat it because it was too spicy. I tried to eat it but ended up taking literally 3 days to finally finish one pack.

Here are two superfluous people

Dekotora Event in Yamaguchi

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We also went in our own truck, but it was kind of intimidating because ours was really plain & awkward compared to the other trucks.


Here are some videos I took. See my channel for more videos


"One Piece", bitches!

Koda Kumi, bitches!

Godzilla, bitches!