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How to Survive on Island After Plane Crash – How to Do Toilet

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Since you cannot just go toilet anywhere, even on an island by yourself, you will have to do your stuff in certain areas you have designated for doing stuff.

You may think that digging a hole & doing your stuff in the hole is good enough, but after several years you will find your self running into your old stuff everywhere. Digging every time to need to go toilet will also strain you physically. You’ll end up ruining your digestion & end up digging every 15 minutes, becoming a cycle of bad gas pains.

Since you live on a tropical island & maybe volcanic, let’s learn how to make a seismic toilet. Seismic toilets are good because the constant seismic activity will regularly dispose of your stuff.

Let’s start with the simple 2-plank.

Last, here are some alternatives to toilet paper.

Another Year Must Begin with Soba

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How to Survive on Island After Plane Crash – Shelter & Clothing

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Shelter & clothing are extremely helpful in keeping you from dying by yourself stranded on an island after plane crash.

Just because your island is tropical, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear clothes & find shelter. You will need to protect yourself from intense heat, strong winds & frequent storms… & SODOMITES!

Here are some ways to find or build your own shelter.

After getting plane wrecked on the island, your clothes will start to tatter, & you will need to come up with some substitue for them.

How much you are protected by these varied weather conditions & sodomy will be determined by what type of clothes you choose & what materials are used. Be focused & know your shit when making/choosing clothes.

Here is a simple clothes catalog which we hope will be of use to you if this whole survival thing is new to you.


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